We need to take a break already…

The New Year started with such a beautiful weather in Scotland. Unfortunately Outdoor Explore needs to close it’s doors (almost, see details below) until April 2021!

Frosty, sunny, windless morning at Clunie Loch

The Covid-19 vaccinations are rolling out so we are hoping to re-open our operations sooner and offer regular kayaking in Scotland trips again.

In the light of the recently updated restrictions Outdoor Explore cannot provide it’s core product.

Amazing team at Scottish Canoe Union (SCA) has provided us yesterday with the updated guidelines (see below, including very fine details on their website) based on SportScotland directives. Link here

See more details on SCA website

I do feel lucky, having some amazing nearby venues in Perthshire not far from Outdoor Explore’s base. Maybe you shall move to Blairgowrie?! ;P

Back to the business, some 1-1 services still can take place; very locally to us, coaching, guiding, mentoring but this wouldn’t apply to many of you, I am afraid…

I will be available a couple of days a week, if you need any further help in planning your later 2021 adventures, on-line coaching or simply chat about exploring 🙂

Current restrictions are in place until the end of January but I cannot see this being enough. Trying to look realistcly. We definetly will re-open before 1st of April if that will be permitted of course! 🙂

We are so near the finish line, so Outdoor Explore will play it’s part and ‘hiberniate’ and return with some epic journeys later on.

For the direct contact use our email; info@outdoorexplore.co.uk

Piotr & Outdoor Explore’s Team

Snowy morning at the Kayak Station, Blairgowrie