Upgrade your kayaking trip to an unforgettable experience

Outdoor Explore offers bespoke guided tours at various locations, and different crafts across not only Tayside but wider Scotland as well. Here is how you can upgrade these brilliant trips into something really unique, for example by adding cheese and wine onboard the kayaks!

Where do I start?

  • Choose the right location for you, we paddle on lochs, rivers and sea in Scotland
  • Select the best craft for you, single or double touring and sea kayaks are available, open canoes, or paddleboards
  • Arrange the right date for your bespoke trip, this could be just for one person, or more (up to 24 group size)
  • Let us know if you would rather go exploring for half a day (about 2.5hrs) or a whole day (about 5-6hrs)
  • Add the luxury touch, and request a locally sourced picnic, which we can serve onboard kayaks!
  • Based on our local knowledge, and links with partner businesses we can recommend accommodation, good places to eat, arrange travel, spa treatments, and more…

The easiest way to reach us is by email or WhatsApp (07904 324 102)

Choose the right location

We have over 60 locations for kayaking in Scotland. Whether you live here, stopping off on the North Coast 500, or on your dream Scottish holiday, we have unique places for you to enjoy. We will make sure you see the history and wildlife Scotland has to offer.

Kayaking in Scotland is suitable for explorers, young and old, from experienced kayakers to beginners. You will see fantastic sunrises over the Cairngorms to the sun setting on the River Tay.

See the famous Tay Rail Bridge and hear its story while exploring shipwrecks or visit the fantastic V&A Museum with the RSS Discovery in the background or The Pile Lighthouse at Tayport, a piece of engineering history that can only be seen by kayak. Scotland’s lochs hold some of the richest, ancient history of Romans, Vikings, Scottish Kings & Queens. We will take you on an adventure of discovery learning history you won’t see or hear anywhere else.

On our Wildlife Safaris across Scotland, we are joined by seals, dolphins, otters, kingfishers, and beavers. Whether it be a few minutes from some of Scotland’s oldest towns or the wilderness Scotland has in abundance, we can guarantee a trip filled with some of Scotland’s rarest species.

We are able to arrange a private tour for you, your friends, and your family, if you wish to take them with you of course 🙂

Select the best craft for you

Outdoor Explore offers guided trips, tuition, and expeditions, to all ages, and experience-level explorers. We allow dogs onboard our crafts as well! For these reasons, we have a range of crafts, which you can choose on your private trip with us.

  • Touring kayaks – we have double ones and singles ones
  • Sea kayaks – we have double ones and single ones
  • Open canoes – which can be paddled as solo boats, double or triple
  • Paddleboards – ranging from 9ft to 12.6ft
  • White water kayaks – from freestyle kayaks to river play and creek
  • Coracles
  • Surf kayaks

Right people, right time…

Our private guided trips, and coaching sessions, can be arranged as a 1-1 experience, or you can add more people to your party. we can cater to groups of up to 24 participants.

We also offer family tickets where for £170 you can take up to 4 people (at least 2 must be under 16 years old though) on this bespoke half a day trip.

Our half day tours are about 2.5hrs long. There are some amazing lochs, rivers, and coastline locations, where we could for on a longer trip. That’s why we are also offering full day adventures. These would be about 5-6 hours long, allowing still even novice paddlers to complete with ease if they wish to join. We would select some superb places for lunch stop.

Some locations have superb restaurants near the water, if you wish, we can book a table for us to eat during or before/after the bespoke tour.

Full day tour at Loch Tay

Kayak picnic, onboard our crafts!

We know that kayaking might be not for everyone. We disagree, of course, as we make all locations, kit, and whole experiences very accessible.

So how about thinking of the bespoke trip as an opportunity to taste good food and drink? This could be served on your boat, whilst you are paddling! You can bring your own, or we can arrange it from one of our local, reputable, and well-established suppliers.

We have teamed up with the local craftspeople and came up with a ‘picnic board‘ or also known as ‘cheese and wine board for kayaks’. These are built in Alyth by Colin from Highwood Furniture. If you like good coffee (we know some good local roasters) or hot chocolate, we can serve it using amazing cups, locally made of course, in Blairgowrie. Jud, from Tea with Jud made a unique batch of cups especially for Outdoor Explore!

These picnic boards are great for serving breakfast treats, or snacks, or maybe you have a special occasion or an important place. Get in touch, and we will help to sort out all the details.

Bespoke winter trip on Loch Tay

So in summary, kayaking is not only a sport, an activity. Here, at Outdoor Explore, we will share plenty of facts about the local history and wildlife on all our guided tours. This really will feel like an immersive and unforgettable experience.