Protection levels in Scotland and paddling

By Piotr, Outdoor Explore founder

As of 2nd November 2020, we have 5 levels of protection established across the country. All regions are currently categorized into the tiers. The tier your area is in will affect slightly how/where you can take part in activities, organized ones by Outdoor Explore and informal ones.

Photo of current Tiers in Scotland, 2nd November 2020. Photo by The Scottish Sun

If you are not sure which region of the country is in which tiers, have a look at this link to the current guidance by the government. The link

Scottish Canoe Association clarified the guidance and published the relevant documents on their page as well. I have attended a meeting this morning with further Q&A session which helped to shape current Outdoor Explore operations;

Pre-planned kayaking in Scotland trips which we offer for you too book (see our events page, link here) are:

  • available only in the locations in Tier 0-1-2, this means the list of trips will regularly be reviewed following government updates (next one on the 10th Nov with implementation from 14th Nov).
  • we recommend not to join at this moment if you living in Tier 3 or Tier 4. We can arrange a bespoke trip for you, closer to you. See details below.
  • safety of you, our guides and local residents is paramount therefore we already have relevant insurance, I am awarded by SportScotland Covid Officer for Outdoor Explore and we limited amount of people we take out each day paddling. We have washing hands mobile facilities before, during and after the trips available. All kit is used by no more than one person per day, allowing all to be cleaned before the next trip. You will be asked to self-declare any medical issues during the booking process.
  • Outdoor Explore offers a full refund if your participating with us is affected by Covid-19

Bespoke guided tours, family trips and coaching sessions are still available, in all tiers! If you are in Tier 3 or 4 the location of the activity will be a little bit more limited but let us where are you staying and we will provide the best advice possible.

These activities can be set up for any day of the week/time to suit you. Did you know that we offer night kayaking tours, sunrise trips, have family ticket pricing option and can arrange 1-1 trips/coaching as well in kayaks and canoes? We are getting ready for our winter wonder season as well…

The current guidance is not the law but at Outdoor Explore we would like to help, do our part to stop the spread of the virus which we all so tired of already. That’s why we are amending our operations and deciding not to travel to the Tier 3 or 4 regions to deliver our open/pre-planned trips. That’s why we encourage you to book a bespoke activity rather than joining one if you live in a currently listed higher risk area.

If you are not sure or would love to discuss it further, contact me directly; 07904 324 102 or email info@outdoorexplore.co.uk and I will be more than happy to assist.

I am constantly monitoring the available guidance and will keep acting proactively to changes. In the meantime, I hope to paddle as much as possible, so please join me in the coming days out, to enjoy the Great Scottish Outdoors!

Happy paddling,

Piotr, Outdoor Explore

Winter sunrise kayaking in Dundee, photo Outdoor Explore