Kayak Clinic sessions this autumn

In the next few weeks you have a chance to join one of our kayak classes. Yes, it’s autumn but don’t worry, it’s a great time to improve your skills and here is why;

Kayak Clinic at Clunie Loch

Only because the summer is over it doesn’t mean you can not enjoy the kayaking. It’s actually much quieter, easier to see the wildlife and the autumn colours are simply amazing.

As always in Outdoor Explore we will provide you with the right paddle gear to enjoy and improve your kayaking skills. Small groups only (no more than 4) to make sure you will get the best time on the water.

We are using sheltered, scenic locations for our classes in November.

You can even finish with recognisable British Canoeing qualifications at the end (but this would involve wet rescue skills completed). Still, if you are fancy not getting wet, we will, for you to rescue us, to help you feel more capable and independent when on the water kayaking with others.

You can see more details below:

Improve your efficiency,

try different types of boats, become an independent paddler,

learn basic rescue skills, have fun.

Focusing on touring kayaks expanding skills transferable across all other paddle crafts.

Kayak Clinic Clunie Loch

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These sessions are suitable for all experience level paddlers. Working in small groups (only 4 spaces on each event) we will tailor the lessons to your needs and your learning styles. You will be given a clear action plan at the end of each session attending helping you to create your own future pathway into paddlesport. On the full day trip, at Loch Tay, 1st of December recognisable British Canoeing awards could be achieved (this will be discussed and trained accordingly prior to the day).

All coaching sessions will be delivered by Piotr Gudan, Outdoor Explore owner; paddler, coach and guide with over 17 years of experience.

Always bring warm clothes, plenty of, including the spare. A warm drink, snacks, your own medications are a good idea to carry as well. We have plenty of gear spare, if you not sure, just ask.

,Contact details

info@outdoorexplore.co.uk 07904 324 102


All sessions are £25pp. If you book 3, you get 4th one FREE.

If you don’t have your own paddling equipment, we would hire it out for you, at an additional cost of £20 per session (boats, paddles, spray decks, safety and rescue kit, waterproof jackets, dry bags).

,Dates and locations

Clunie Loch 31st October, 10.00

Clunie Loch 2nd November, 14.00

Loch of Criaglush 3rd November, 14.00

Loch Faskally 10th November, 14.00

River Isla 16th November, 10.00

Loch Faskally 24th November, 14.00

Clunie Loch 30th November, 14.00

Basic Rescues, Clunie Loch 9th November, 14.00

Loch Tay, Kenmore, 1st December 2019, 10.00


Follow the link to our website:

Kayak Clinic Loch Faskally

Kayak Clinic Loch Tay