Join Tayside Paddle School by Outdoor Explore!

Gain confidence, skills, and improve already known techniques in paddlesport.

Outdoor Explore has launched a new campaign, Tayside Paddle School, a series of coaching sessions covering all sorts of aspects in touring kayaking, sea kayaking, open canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, white water kayaking, and even coracles!

Introduction and improver courses in kayaking, canoeing & sup

Tayside Paddle School
  • Skills courses,
  • Rescue sessions,
  • British Canoeing qualifications

All types of environment

  • Sheltered water
  • Open water
  • Rivers
  • Coast

What will Tayside Paddle School cover?

If you are new to paddling or wish to take your skills to a new level, have a look at what we have to offer. We have a large selection of various crafts, plenty of great models of boats for you to try, or you can bring your own kit. Besides the techniques of how to paddle we will also look into when and why. We will cover planning elements, kit selection, the weather-based knowledge as well.

Our coaching sessions are designed to provide the best experience possible. We will work in small numbers, groups of 2 – 4 people max. You will be encouraged to send your aims for the coaching day prior to the day, allowing us to tailor the outcomes to your needs. We will be looking into personal skills, leadership skills, and rescue skills throughout kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Prices start from £55 for half-day coaching in a group. We can also offer a fully tailored tuition, on a 1-1 basis, or for a private group. The price of such starts at £130.

During the colder months, we mainly planned full-day coaching sessions. Later on, between May and September, we will be running regular coaching classes on Friday evenings, from 18-21.00 covering all types of crafts in various locations across Tayside.

We will be using a range of crafts; touring kayaks, sea kayaks, open canoes, white water kayaks, and coracles. All these at various settings across the Tayside, visiting local rivers, lochs, and the coast. Coaching sessions will cover practical skills you will have a chance to learn and improve on the day but also we will help you to create your own path of progression.

All this to help you be safer on the water, as a competent paddler, understand potential risks, and most importantly how to avoid any, to fully enjoy the great outdoors. Amongst the Outdoor Explore staff team and with a few superb external providers we will give you access to all our knowledge. Have a look at what Tayside Paddle School has to offer, see the upcoming events below.

We have uploaded a long list of coaching days already, and more will be added regularly. You can book it online below or find it easily on our events page.

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Besides skills courses, we offer Britsh Canoeing awards, so if you have something in mind, get in touch, contact us.

Outdoor Explore is proudly a British Canoeing Deliver Partner scheme.

British Canoeing has launched a really good website allowing you to create your own path if you decide to become a paddle sports guide or instructor. Look up Paddles Up Training, to find what might suit you.

You might also find the Go Paddling website quite useful as well, sharing a lot of news about current best practices and good places to go kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding. Have a look at both websites following the links below:

Outdoor Explore always aims to deliver the best services; guided tours, expeditions, and tuition. We are a member of recognizable business collaborations to reassure you that what we deliver is safe, up to date, and follows best practices.

Happy Paddling! Piotr, Outdoor Explore