Green Charter

We feel privileged exploring the countryside. Here is Outdoor Explore take on respecting nature in places we visit.

Litter Free Paddle

Outdoor Explore campaign since 2014. Offering FREE guided tours in exchange for collecting rubbish from the waterways we visit. With help of over 250 volunteers so far we gathered more than 4 tonnes of litter already! Epic…

Join us, support, sponsor if you wish to make a difference.

Picture; River Tay, Perth, Scotland

Our lead guides carry litter picks with them as a standard kit issued at Outdoor Explore, Perth City Tours and Outdoor Explore Wales. On every trip we will spend time using them, making the place a better one than when we found it. So simple, so important…

As an ongoing process we upskill our knowledge on nature, impact we have on places we visit, biodiversity. Our team regularly take places in workshop, courses, events which are linked to this wide subject. Piotr, Outdoor Explore founder offers his knowledge on paddlesport and nature crossovers to his staff, client but also to official organisations, project managers, recognised campaigners.

We are the first kayaking and canoeing guide operator in Tayside, Scotland and stand up paddleboard guide operator in Cardiff, Wales who achieved the Wildlife Safe Operator Adventure mark (WiSe.org).

We fully understand how our public campaigns are aimed to attract the visitor but also often crucial, delicate wildlife we might be seeing on our trips. We choose not to publish locations of rare species we encounter on our trips. Instead, we notify the relevant organisations who look after or help to count the numbers of these amazing animals.

You can see Piotr, Craig and our kayaks on the most recent Visit Scotland’s advertising camping;

Scotland, Yours to Enjoy, Responsibly

Why we do all that and probably more which I forgot to mention? Because that’s who we are, that’s how we were brought up. These small things are making a true difference.

If you wish to know more, join us, work with us, use ‘contact us‘ form on our website.

Green Charter Outdoor Explore