Best 5 Sea Kayaking trips in Fife, the north coastline.

Explore the unique places on one of the most accessible coastlines of Scotland with Outdoor Explore!

Over 40 miles (65km) of lovely coastline lies between Newburgh and Kingsbarns.

One of the best ways to visit its hidden gems is from the water perspective, so we would like to share with you a list of our best sea kayaking trips in Fife. Shipwrecks, seals, bridges, sea eagles, forgotten fishing villages, cliffs, ospreys, sandy beaches, historic sites, and dolphins have been spotted during the previous guided tours here. Between Newburgh, to the west, and Kingsbarns, to the southeast, you can experience a very diverse coastline.

In the northeast corner of Fife, the landscape varies from the gentle hills in the rural hinterland to the windswept cliffs, rocky bays and sandy beaches on which scenes from the film ‘Chariots of Fire’ were shot. Fishing still has a role here but ultimately it is to St Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university town and the home of the world-famous Royal and Ancient golf club, that most visitors are drawn. The town itself and the hills and hamlets of the surrounding area retain an appealing and old-fashioned vibe.

There is so much to explore in Fife, and it’s north coastline.

Here are our best 5 sea kayaking trips in Fife:

  1. Newburgh is the furthest west location on our list, quiet, peaceful, and often missed from many radars when they are planning a trip. If you are after vast open spaces and wildlife, that’s a good place to visit.
  2. Wormit is a hidden small village with a lot of historic sites to explore. You probably can easily notice the Tay Rail bridge, yet did you know about the nearby shipwrecks you might come across when sea kayaking here?
  3. Tayport used to be a fishing village and a lot of its character is still maintained. With several lighthouses to visit, interesting birds of prey, and intriguing currents, this will be always a worthwhile place to visit by a sea kayaker.
  4. St Andrews is world-famous for its golf course and history, of course, yet you should strongly consider exploring here by a kayak, looking out for seals and dolphins, admire the cliffs and ruins of the ancient settlements. The land on which St. Andrews sits has had human occupation since the Stone Age and was certainly an area occupied by the ancient Picts.
  5. Kingsbarns is located just south of St Andrews, offering visitors a bugs beach and unspoiled views of the open sea. This means the swell and tide should be considered well when paddling out here yet it’s another fab place to explore.

Outdoor Explore offers bespoke guided trips in this area, and some pre-planned tours as well. You can check the upcoming dates by following this link to our upcoming event calendar. If you can’t see what would suit you, simply get in touch and we will arrange an immersive experience with you.

”From exploring a shipwreck exposed by the low tide to paddling under the Tay Rail Bridge the memories of the day will stay with me for a long time. I’m looking forward to my next trip with Outdoor Explore.”

Steve L, TripAdvisor

Exploring Fife coast by sea kayak with Outdoor Explore, Tayport just after sunrise.

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