5 tips How to go paddling with your kids

Sharing the happiest moments of your life with those around you makes it extra special. If exploring, being outside, paddling is your thing already, this little article will probably re-assure you. If you are new to outdoor adventuring, read on, some practical top tips are listed below! Here are my 5 tips how to go paddling with kids.

5 tips how to go paddling with your kids by Outdoor Explore
Paddling with kids is awesome

1. Keep them warm

No matter if we are adults, or a two year old child, we all like to stay warm. This could mean a completely different thing for each of use, yet let’s look at some transferable stuff.

Clothing first then. Waterproofs are great. Kids love getting wet, splashing around and jumping into the puddles. Let them. Do however consider what they wear underneath, for example fleecy stuff, or merino wool underwear. I am not saying, go and spend lots of money in a trendy outdoor retailer. Check your cupboards, attend clothes swap events, look in the charity shops, you will be surprised how much brilliant stuff at a low budget can be found there.

Wellies, gloves, hats, scarfs, buffs, are a must, for me and also my son. I will bring two, three spare sets as well. After all, I know they will get wet, the question is how soon 🙂 Thankfully, kids stuff due to size doesn’t take much space, so a small bag, accessible at all times, should be enough.

Dress well for the weather, so sunglasses, wetsuit, sun cream, windproof top, and bottom layer, is what I will take with us on these few warmer days in Scotland when going paddling with my family.

Finally, bring a blanket, or two. These can be used for a picnic on a remote beach, or simply wrap up after a swim. It’s better to have one too many layers with you, than one enough.

5 tips how to go paddling with your kids by Outdoor Explore
Keep them warm

2. Keep them fed

We all need to eat. We also love snacking, we just don’t admit that often 🙂 So bring plenty of them with you. Here is a top tip, carry something extra unique or special when going paddling. Maybe their favourite chocolate bar, sweetie, fruit. Do however cut into smaller pieces, so you can positively surprise them when their mood will be dropping down, yet you can control the quantities for this special treat, to help you to last it for the duration of the adventure.

Just like spare hats, and gloves, keeps the snacks, and drinks handy.

Talking of drinks, especially on the warmer days, don’t forget to bring water bottles. A hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on the cold days goes down like an amazing treat. Additionally I carry a mini-whisker, making this milky drink extra frothy and fun when served.

5 tips how to go paddling with your kids by Outdoor Explore
Keep them fed

3. Keep them occupied

Get them involved with the kit selection, gear carrying and simply let them play! A good idea will be to bring a few toys, yet be careful, they often do not float. We learned this the hard way, unfortunately 🙂

5 tips on how to go paddling with kids by Outdoor Explore

The younger the person, the more fun the exploring will be. Of course, paddle sport is an Olympic sport, and a proper technique skill set can be introduced. Yet remember, most of the time on the water should be just pure fun.

If you are struggling with ideas, look up books published by Paddle UK (formerly known as British Canoeing), or simply get in touch. I am happy to share my resources.

5 tips on how to go paddling with kids by Outdoor Explore
Keep them occupied

4. Expand their imagination

Songs, stories and books are a great foundation to a brilliant day out. Why not movies or online games? Because these are limiting the imagination. So go crazy, use unexpected places, moments and kit to create a whole experience about going out for a paddle.

We often go on ‘a dragon egg hunt’, ‘pirate treasure hunt’, ‘sea monster adventure’ and more…

5 tips on how to go paddling with kids by Outdoor Explore
Expand their imagination

5. Give them right size gear

When introducing any participants to the sport, try to research and access kit which fits really well.

Too heavy paddles, too small buoyancy aids or too big paddles might not only affect your child’s safety but also discourage them from the activity you are trying to introduce.

5 tips on how to go paddling with kids by Outdoor Explore
Give them the right size gear

In summary…

These were my 5 tips how to go paddling with kids. No doubly you might have some extra ideas. Please share them out.

I hope you will take your kids paddling, lots and lots of times. Various locations, various crafts. Invite other friends and family members, their pals from nursery or school. Make an amazing adventure out of it, no matter how short the paddle trip is.

They will love it, and so will you!

How old should your child be for a river trip?

This will depend on your skills, understanding your child, weather, location… We went out white water kayaking when my son was 4 years old, and he loved it! Have a look yourself 🙂

First time white water kayaking with my 4 year old son 🙂

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5 tips on how to go paddling with kids.
5 tips on how to go paddling with kids by Piotr, Outdoor Explore